... seamless coordination from beginning to end...


Our Exclusive Six-Week Countdown Plan:

  • Liaise with all suppliers to confirm details of the wedding day
  • Create a detailed schedule of your wedding day including emergency contact numbers and other relevant details and distribute to the bride and groom and all suppliers to ensure everyone knows the schedule of the day
  • Decorate your venue and set up on the day
  • Oversee the day, ensuring seamless coordination from beginning to end
  • Act as point of contact for guests and suppliers so you can enjoy your day, stress free
  • Liaison & Coordination with your Wedding Venue & all Suppliers to ensure that everything is in place for your big day
  • Last-minute Wedmin tasks
  • Detailed time line schedule of the planning process and the day itself

includes an in-depth Handover Consultation to discuss your requirements & establish your preferences and ongoing Telephone & Email Support